Simulation: Driving Efficiency and Innovation in Robotics Development

Physically Simulated Drone

Introduction Let’s face it: building a robot can be a daunting task. Engineers have the challenge of getting multiple systems – perception, planning, navigation, telemetry, control, communication, power, etc. – to work together in an environment where mistakes are at best extremely expensive, and at worst plain dangerous. It’s no wonder that simulation is rapidly…

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Stereo Vision Systems for Drones

Intel - D415 stereoscopic

Introduction In our last article on stereo depth, we discussed how stereo vision systems can be used to map an environment in 3D, as well as some pros and cons stereo vision has over other mapping approaches. In this article, we will explore some use cases for stereo vision systems in drone and UAS development,…

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The Future of Robotics is Now and it’s Open-Source

Future of Robotics

If you are anything like us, you probably have this nagging feeling that the future is now! If not, then we will do our best to change your mind and show you some cool robotics projects in the process. Do you remember all the buzz about delivery drones being right around the corner, as far…

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