What We Do

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Group 5454 (2)

Robotics & Simulation

Custom Behavior Systems

Aerial and Ground Navigation

Perception & Vision

HITL/SITL Simulation

ROS Consulting

Group 5455 (2)

AI & Machine Learning

Object Detection & Tracking


Pose Estimation

Monitoring & Event Detection

Synthetic Data Generation

Group 5457 (1)

Analytics & Automation

Process Automation


Risk Modeling


Group 5458 (4)

Embedded Systems & IoT

Smart Appliances

Device Connectivity

PCB Design

Firmware Development

Group 5456 (2)

Design & Prototyping

Zero to One Product Development

Design Reviews for Manufacture

Rapid Prototyping

Computer Aided Design

How it Works

Every product has unique needs. Our approach to development ensures you get the team, tech, and timeline you need every step of the way.

Map the Territory

Understand your vision and map out possible solution pathways to achieve it.

Get the Team

Determine the right people for the project and their relationship with your team.

Execute the Vision

The team works with you every step of the way to meet your expectations.

Discover New Opportunities

We support you as you iterate on your vision, change your needs, and discover new opportunities.,

Why Clients Choose Adinkra

Group 5424 (3)

Seamless Integration

Clients consider us part of their team, whether we are delivering an entire project or augmenting their current team. Our battle-tested, agile approach to team integration ensures you can capitalize on your product's potential as fast as possible.

Group 5425 (1)

Deep Expertise

With decades of R&D industry experience, dozens of successful projects, and a culture of continous learning, our team is always prepared to deliver the best solutions for your customers.

Group 5426 (1)

Better Tech

Innovative products require innovative technology. We leverage state of the art technologies to help you build a strong competitive advantage, reduce your development costs and time to market, and optimize your product's performance for your end users.

Past Projects

Autonomous Dump Trucks

Key Technologies: ROS2, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, C++, Python, Simulation, CAN, HAD Mapping –

Real-Time Object Tracking for Drones

Key Technologies: Deep Learning, OpenCV, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, ROS2, C++, Python, Selenium

Vaccine Allocation Optimization

Key Technologies: Databricks, DataRobot, Spark, Python, SQL, Linear Programming 

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