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Adinkra helps customers develop state of the art robotics and AI products while minimizing cost and time to market. We combine a world-class engineering team with a flexible project management framework to offer a one-stop development solution and unlock your product’s full potential for your customers. 

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Robotics &
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AI & Machine
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Systems & IoT
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Some of Our Work

Autonomous Dump Trucks

Key Technologies: ROS2, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, C++, Python, Simulation, CAN, HAD Mapping –

Real-Time Object Tracking for Drones

Key Technologies: Deep Learning, OpenCV, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, ROS2, C++, Python, Selenium

Vaccine Allocation Optimization

Key Technologies: Databricks, DataRobot, Spark, Python, SQL, Linear Programming 

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Developing with Adinkra means working with a group of experienced engineers who are passionate about emerging technology and how it can be used to drive successful, high-impact outcomes for your business. We are dedicated to supporting you through all phases of development and thrive on helping you find innovative solutions for your customers. Get the team, timeline, and tech you need when you choose Adinkra.


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