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We are your R&D partner for state of the art robotics, computer vision, and AI products.

With decades of collective experience in robotics and AI research and development, Adinkra is a top choice for innovative startups, established industry players, and government organizations to build new capabilites and accelerate technology development. Our battle-tested approach to R&D ensures seamless team integration, agile execution, and exceptional customer satisfaction every step of the way.


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Creative Meets Technical

Innovation requires technical confidence and creative thinking. Adinkra uses both to unlock the full potential of your product's potential for your customers, and drive meaningful results for your organization.


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Autonomous Dump Trucks

Key Technologies: ROS2, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, C++, Python, Simulation, CAN, HAD Mapping –

Real-Time Object Tracking for Drones

Key Technologies: Deep Learning, OpenCV, NVIDIA Jetson, Docker, ROS2, C++, Python, Selenium

Vaccine Allocation Optimization

Key Technologies: Databricks, DataRobot, Spark, Python, SQL, Linear Programming 

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